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    Our office is located in the greater Montreal area.
    You are most welcome to meet the team in person!

    We have been operating for over eleven years and have been dedicated exclusively to Magento for the past eight years. We have a proven track record of satisfied clients for our Magento Design and Development Services.
    Don’t call us too early though.
    Most of the staff gets in around 10 AM – 11 AM (Montreal time).

    And we leave when the work is done.

    We have a unique and flexible company culture that accommodates all the varying needs of all employees, from avoiding morning traffic to having more time for the morning routine with family.
    We are proud of our staff roster. You will only find “A players” on the team.
    Our skilled and talented Magento developers and Magento Web designers are dedicated, well-trained and experienced professionals, providing the highest quality of Magento designs for all your e-commerce, branding, marketing, and website needs.

    Our specialty is anything Magento.
    We did build a further niche market expertise around the integration of Magento and SAP.
    Our goal is to build on the success of your business, whether it’s a small or large corporation, and we will give everything you need to reach your goal.
    We believe it’s a pleasure to be of service,
    and we look forward to serving you on your Magento projects.

    The MageMontreal team.
    Your e-commerce wizards