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  • Leverage a powerful and versatile PIM solution to feed your Magento platform!

    Collect data from any source

    Harmonize product information coming from multiple heterogeneous data sources. Decentralize your content by delegating contribution to your team and/or suppliers.

    Enrich and Control the quality of your product information

    Maintain and classify your product information. Manage your product lifecycle with business rules and validation workflows. Ensure your product information is fully complete before exporting it.

    Distribute to multiple channels

    Export your data to your favorite eCommerce application Magento and other platforms. Easily generate great print materials with web-to-print connectors.


    Increase in sales conversion rate.


    Decrease in product returns.


    Faster time-to-market.
    By 2021, 1/2 of organizations will use a modern dedicated PIM environment to manage product processes and provide high-quality product experiences.”
    Mark Smith
    CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research
    • Akeneo PIM was our first choice because it is an open source solution that has also proved itself in large-scale, international projects for major brands.
      Daniel Pötzinger
      CTO of AOE for Fraport
    • The Akeneo PIM solution is really user-friendly and fast, and above all useful! We can now confidently increase the volume of our catalog.
      Clara Ozawa
      Product Manager
    • In the fashion world, everything moves quickly. With Akeneo, we can now respond much quicker to changing business needs. It fits all of our requirements so the choice was clear. The functionality and integration with Magento accelerated the implementation and made it perfectly suited for our business.
      Steven King
      Head of Technology
    Boston, USA + 1 (833) PIM-4-ALL
    Nantes, France +33 2 55 59 00 00
    Düsseldorf, Germany +49 211 23396655
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