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    Prisync is a competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing software for all sizes of e‑commerce companies from all around the world.

    By using Prisync, companies can automatically monitor and analyze their competitors' prices and stock availabilities and apply profit-maximizing Smart Price rules on top of that data within its Dynamic Pricing module to adjust their prices automatically.

    In addition to its web dashboard, Prisync sends email alerts when it detects a price change or a change at stock availabilities at a competitor website, provides comprehensive Excel reports and lets users analyze brand/category level pricing analytics. It also provides historical pricing trends for the market to enable retrospective analysis.

    Prisync has seamlessly integrated with Magento thanks to its extensions for both M1 and M2, where users can keep their product assortment in Magento CMS always synced with their competitive assortment in Prisync. Therefore, they don't require to manage two different product lists, categories etc. on their Magento and Prisync accounts. This integration also enables a single-click repricing capability depending on the algorithmic pricing rules set by the user on Prisync's Dynamic Pricing module.

    Prisync is Magento's sole official Technology Partner specializing in Dynamic Pricing and is already trusted by hundreds of customers from more than 50 countries.

    Prisync offers a 14-days free trial, and it has monthly flexible plans that don't require long-term commitments and can be canceled at any time.

    Technology Partners Specializations

    • Price Optimization and Configure Price Quote
    • Marketing Automation
    • Product Data Management