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    Bear Group, a Magento Professional Partner, specializes in working together with merchants to navigate, create, and run custom websites.

    From eCommerce strategic planning and custom eCommerce development, to eCommerce operations and system integrations, to ongoing support (Run State), clients use our expertise to back their ambitious digital growth strategies.

    What our clients value from our guidance goes well beyond our deliverables. With zero failed projects in the last twelve years, we will get your project delivered on time together. You are buying more than the lines of code with this decision, you are building a relationship with a trusted partner who can help you compete, shares your priorities, and is invested in your success.

    Solution Partners Specializations

    • Product Specialization
      Product Specialization
      • Magento Commerce Cloud
    • Industry Specialization
      Industry Specialization
      • Direct to Consumer / CPG
      • Food & Beverage
      • Wholesale & Distribution
      • Small Business (SMB)