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    Kahuna is a leading provider of specialized technology solutions for online marketplaces.

    Buyer marketing brings together leading messaging, orchestrations, and segmenting technology to give marketplace and e-commerce companies the ability to deliver the right message to the right segment at the right time in the right channel. Benefits include better onboarding and personalization for customer conversion, reduced churn, and repeat buyers.

    Seller management goes where no marketing automation or CRM vendor can go. Buyers can become sellers and vice-versa, dynamic segmenting gives operators critical tools for managing your user base depending on what they are at that moment in time. Seller enablement onboard sellers faster, converts first time sellers into repeat sellers and increases the overall value of merchandise flowing through your marketplace.

    Marketplace Health is a revolutionary product that gives operators a one-click experience for managing health indicators such as churn, network leakage, and buyer/seller ratios. Connected to each health indicator is a recipe for moving the benchmark in a positive direction, and links to the campaigns that will get the job done.

    Relied on by 7 of the #1 marketplaces around the world, Kahuna is a proven solution for operators in the fast-moving marketplace sector. Based in the SF Bay Area, Kahuna features customer all over the globe and is pioneering a radical new approach to pricing that guarantees you only pay when you have results. No risk, all reward.

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