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    Who are Media Lounge?

    In today's world, most digital agencies have been founded through their love of design or have decided to move from traditional print and marketing agencies to an online equivalent, but throwing in website development for good measure. However, our foundations and reasonings are very different.

    We founded back in 2004 and started life as a retail business with bricks and mortar store - very traditional and conventional. Then in 2007, we were looking to grow into the online eCommerce space but struggled to find a suitable online platform to support all our needs. With the launch of Magento in 2008, we found the eCommerce solution we desired and this was a game-changing development. Built on an open source framework, it allowed us to own and tailor our needs and wants while we grew with the support of the Magento community.

    By early 2009, we had launched our very own Magento eCommerce store and the thought had crossed our minds that we couldn’t be the only business struggling to find a scalable eCommerce solution. With this in mind, we created a specialist service to support like-minded retailers and well-known brands, both nationally and internationally, with their online eCommerce solutions.

    And with that, Media Lounge was born!

    Fast forward to today and we a team of dedicated Magento eCommerce specialists based in the seaside town of Bournemouth. We’re fully Magento certified and we also continue to run our own successful international eCommerce store so we can truly practise what we preach!

    Running our own eCommerce store means we are provided with the same experience our clients go through day to day. This also means we understand that the eCommerce store is only one part of the full solution that is needed to support today’s retail businesses - we want to help all stores become far more efficient, reduce administration times, improve sales, revenue and ultimately transform the maximum number of visitors into loyal customers.