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    Amasty is an e-commerce extensions provider serving to more than 41,000 customers around the world. 9+ years in Magento extensions development resulted in a rich portfolio of 230+ Magento solutions for diverse needs, including marketing and promotions, web store administration, inventory and catalog management, order management, content management, customer experience, and SEO.

    At Amasty, we believe that there are 3 pillars of our success:

    First, design solutions that bring maximum value to merchants.

    We are thoroughly researching into new ways to make Magento 1 and 2 more powerful and user-friendly and solve your business challenges, big and small. Keeping pace with technology and e-commerce trends, Amasty regularly updates modules to let you exploit more opportunities to drive sales and increase profit. Now our team is into Magento 2 development and offers 85+ extensions for the new platform, with even more tools to come in the nearest months. Still, we keep an eye on all our products and ensure high-quality extension code.

    Second, serve customers as you treat close people.

    Running a Magento store is a complex task that takes programming and administration skills. Our team provides a range of system administration and installation services to help you implement Magento modules accurately and quickly. We also invest in top-notch support to guarantee that you get prompt and competent answers to your questions and your Magento store works as smoothly as it should.

    Third, contribute to the community to let the Magento world flourish.

    Our company actively participates in the life of the Magento community. To encourage the exchange of experience, Amasty team members organized two Meet Magento conferences, hosted a Magento Contribution Day, and sponsored MageTestFest and Magento Live UK. Our experts participated in MageStackDays and visited multiple other events all around the world. We are eagerly searching for new ways to expand the Magento world, such as speaking at conferences, writing about Magento and e-commerce, and more.

    Are you ready to achieve more with your Magento store? We’ll show you how to do it!

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