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    For nearly ten years, Onestic Business & Development has been providing its clients with Ecommerce, Magento, Online Communities, Ecommerce strategy and Ecommerce development services.

    With offices in Spain (Valencia, Madrid) as well as in Brazil (São Paulo), we have a highly optimized, professional and flexible working, in order to meet the objectives of a more efficient and faster way than the rest in our environment; thus, stabilising a system that allows us to think, act and win.

    Some of our services we provide are:

    (i) eCommerce strategy
    Strategic Plan Project
    Marketing and Sales Plan
    Product plan and catalog
    Management plan and procedure catalog
    Operations and contingency plan
    Development and implementation

    (ii) As an eCommerce platform
    Additional modules and functionalities
    ecommerce mobile
    Social shopping
    Logistics operator integration. OnLogistics
    Logistics warehouse integration. OnLogistics
    ERP integration, BPM, CRM.
    Design and creativity

    (iii) Shopping experience
    Graphic design
    Concept and Style Guide
    Creative Copywriter (Copywritter)
    Photo production-oriented product
    eCommerce audit

    (iv) 360 project eCommerce audit
    Performance and Optimization
    Shopping experience
    Adaptation legislation
    Certification and safety
    Expert reports
    Analysis and Research ecommerce

    (v) Analytics and optimization
    eCommerce benchmarking
    Internationalization and expansion plan
    usability test
    heuristic evaluations
    Card sorting
    SWOT analysis-ecommerce
    Goods and catalog management

    (vi) Distribution strategy and planning
    Warehouse management and inventory planning
    Stock management
    Shipments, returns and exchanges (EDC)
    Logistics & operators integration (OnLogistics)
    Native service content translation
    Monitoring and improvement

    (vii) Maintenance Plans
    24 × 7 monitoring systems
    Mystery Shopper
    eCommerce analytics and optimization
    Content management

    You cand find us at, do not hesitate in contacting us!