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    We help our clients create multi-channel integrated eCommerce solutions.
    i95Dev ERP Connect products for Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, SAGE + much more are globally recognised. Having performed over 100 integrations both complex and simple over the past 5 years alone places i95Dev at the leader in the ERP + eCommerce space.
    Retailers, Manufacturers, and Distributors can stay ahead of the competition with our integrated eCommerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (GP, NAV and AX) systems.

    Add new customer or update an existing one in one system and sync the information to the other.

    Order information sync to automate and streamline order processing.

    Manage product information from a single system and sync updates to the others.

    Get access to inventory levels, regardless of the origin of sales for improved customer experience.

    Tier Prices
    Attract customers with special prices without worrying about information sync to your ERP system.

    Credit Limits
    Leverage credit limits assigned to your customers in GP by extending Magento to support them.

    Enhance Customer Experience
    An integrated ecosystem will not only take you one step closer to providing your customers the Omni-channel experience but also enables you to improve customer experience by providing self-service portals. It also helps you improve customer satisfaction by keeping informed about their order status by syncing shipping and tracking information with i95Dev Connect products.