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How Magento Partners Accelerate Their Growth

Becoming a Magento partner establishes a strategic relationship with your company and Magento. Magento partners receive valuable benefits that include connecting partners to our community and helping them succeed. We work hard to make sure you are exposed to our vast network of other partners and to opportunities worldwide.

Whether you want to become a Solution Partner, Technology Partner, Hosting or Performance Partner, all Magento partners reap the benefits of our unparalleled commitment to improving eCommerce.

URGENT: It is critical for you to download and install 2 previously-released security patches. If you are an Enterprise Edition merchant, you can download the required patches by navigating to the Downloads Tab and then by expanding "Magento Enterprise Edition > Support Patches".

Should you find that you are unable to download these patches, please request them by logging a new support case. Our support analysts are standing by to provide them to you.

If you are a Community Edition merchant, you can download the required patches HERE.

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Solution Partner

Solution Partners are system integrators and web design firms that implement Magento Enterprise Edition sites and desire a strategic relationship with Magento.


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Technology Partner

Technology Partners are third-party software companies that provide software that extends and enhances the capabilities of Magento-based online stores.


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Hosting or Performance Partner

Hosting and performance partners make sure online stores stay up and running by delivering the highest levels of web and database server performance and availability through on-premise or cloud-based solutions.

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Want to Become a Magento Partner?

We want to know more about you. Just complete the application that applies to your company type.

To join the Solution Partner or Magento Associate programs, please submit the Magento Associate application. All firms must enter the program as an Associate, and then move up to the Silver and Gold levels per the approval of the Channel Manager.

A Magento account is required to submit a partner application. If you do not have one, you can register for a free account.