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One Rockwell United States

Magento 2 Trained Solution Partners have completed and passed a set of Magento 2.0 development exercises; have two (2) employees who have completed the Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development on-demand course; and have one (1) employee who has completed the Core Principals for Theming in Magento 2 on-demand course.


A Certified Developer Plus is skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and has delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored.


Front End developers who achieve this certification have demonstrated a thorough understanding of Magento's theming components and the ability to modify the user interface according to best practices.

Winner of Magento Imagine 2015 "Best Web Design" Award, ONE ROCKWELL is a full-service Digital Agency offering Intelligent Commerce, High-End Creative, Technology and Omni-channel Implementations. We service fashion, lifestyle and product brands looking for growth in the online marketplace. Our goals: to bring the essence of your brand to the online environment; to provide your customers with an engaging, intuitive shopping experience; to equip your company with an effective sales channel that will propel your brand and your entire business forward. We provide our Clients with strategy, brand, creative, technical and marketing support. We specialize in Magento deployments and implementations.

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225 Broadway #2005 New York, New York 10007 United States


  • One Rockwell begins this process by learning about your plans for eCommerce expansion. We listen to your needs, survey the online competitive landscape, and develop a comprehensive blueprint for online development and growth. Your eCommerce strategy is a roadmap that will become the foundation of your online business and includes design features, technical recommendations, and a high level multi-channel online marketing plan. We work with your team to define the goals and systems you'll need to extend your reach globally and make a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • One Rockwell understands the crucial balance between your brand's unique expression and eCommerce. Our clients' success is defined by their creativity. Our aim is to bring the essence of your brand to the online environment while providing customers with an engaging experience. Combining strategy, design and the latest technology, we build an effective sales channel that will propel your entire business.
  • One Rockwell understands how important it is to build on the right platform. We begin each project by surveying your short and long-term needs, in-house capabilities, fulfillment systems, and resources. We keep in mind your projected growth and make recommendations based upon your current business as well as your eCommerce forecast. We tailor each and every step of the building process to your brand's needs so that your site is unique, and your business supported. All of our technical resources subscribe to the highest standards of usability and security.
  • One Rockwell's technical team works behind the scenes to make sure your store runs seamlessly and efficiently. We maintain your site, monitor its performance and ensure smooth, effortless operation, as well as scalability during high traffic events. We're on call for critical issues and ensure a satisfactory level of response. We review and revise your technical strategy as needed to make sure that you meet your business goals and are ready for growth.
  • Our creative and production teams are also available to support you as you may need on your large-scale projects, as well as the day-to-day operations of the website. From product merchandising and updates, to editorial, email blasts and online marketing campaigns, we work with you and your internal team at any capacity you may need. We can tailor programs according to your needs and are available around the clock to get your website up to date and fresh.
  • One Rockwell is committed to implementing an online marketing plan that ensures visibility and supports growth. We know that competition is fierce and keeping loyal customers is just as important as reaching new ones. Our experienced team will execute your online marketing plan through a variety of programs that provide brand exposure, key partnerships and a direct line of communication with your customers. Marketing for the online marketplace is an ever-evolving process and we are dedicated to reviewing the success of our initiatives and revising your strategy as necessary. We believe that a commitment to a comprehensive online marketing effort will significantly increase the return on your investment and improve the overall success of your business. We provide a full suite of online marketing and strategic services. The results are more traffic, more sales and greater profits with a greater return on investment.
  • One Rockwell develops all its websites utilizing best-practices and Search Engine Optimization techniques (SEO), however our SEO+ package goes above and beyond the basics and provides a low-cost solution for your business, bringing your website to a higher level of SEO/SEM practices, and optimizing your marketing strategy, thus driving a quick return on investment. Building off the SEO+ package, One Rockwell offers an ongoing monthly marketing maintenance and reporting service.
  • One Rockwell helps you create and produce engaging content that tells the story of your brand. We work with your team to develop keyword-rich, SEO language and captivating visual elements that are consistent and on target. We understand that fresh content not only keeps your site interesting, but also drives traffic and results in higher placement in organic search results. Our experienced team is available to produce branded content for editorial pages, product descriptions, social media, email blasts and online campaigns.
  • Goal-oriented social media initiatives are an essential piece to a complete plan. Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to extend conversations globally, while driving traffic to your site and connecting people to your brand. We develop your site to be easily and seamlessly integrated with social media platforms and encourage interaction among users. Together with your team we can also help develop social media strategies that include tangible steps for execution and maintenance.
  • One Rockwell understands the importance of mobile. An effective mobile strategy is key for any website and built to optimize the brands presence and accessibility of the services offered. One Rockwell provides, tailored solutions for all targeted mobile devices be it iPhone, iPad, or android devices. Each a bespoke solution to the objectives of the user for each device type.