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Listrak's retail-specific solution suite is powered by a comprehensive data hub of 360-degree shopper insights that allow retailers to create personalized campaigns across all customer touchpoints to drive incremental revenue and ROI. Listrak is solely focused on the retail industry and is uniquely qualified to help retailers optimize digital marketing campaigns by engaging customers with timely, relevant, personalized, shoppable messages across all channels, including email, mobile, social, web and stores. Listrak has more than a decade of digital marketing experience and works with leading U.S. retailers, including Waterford, The Grommet, and La-Z-Boy.

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529 East Main St. Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543 United States


  • Listrak's Recommender is part of our single, integrated digital marketing platform, making it easy for you to create and share relevant content across all consumer touchpoints and marketing channels, including email, web, mobile and social. With Recommender, you can meet each shopper's preferences with ease, flexibility and more control than ever before.
  • Each year, retailers lose an estimated $93 billion in sales due to out-of-stock inventory. But with Back in Stock Alerts, you can turn that out of stock experience into an opportunity for email acquisition, customer engagement, recouping of lost revenue and, ultimately, increased sales. Back in Stock Alerts are a highly effective remarketing tactic that will increase customer lifetime value. What’s more, we’ve seen Back in Stock Alerts provide as much as a six dollar return per email sent. Download Listrak's Back in Stock Whitepaper to learn how you can achieve these results.
  • Email remains the highest performing marketing channel for retailers, and it all starts with an accurate list. Our omnichannel solutions help you acquire shopper email addresses – both online and in-store – so you can engage subscribers and drive sales, lengthen customer lifecycles and reduce churn.
  • We've created the industry's first integrated, actionable Customer LifeCycle Grid, an advanced marketing system, designed to keep customers active and buying. It will increase the engagement levels and Lifetime Values of your customers.
  • Listrak developed one of the first shopping cart abandonment solutions and we remain the industry leader for creative, successful retail remarketing campaigns. The average online conversion rate for retailers is only 3%. Retailers trust us to recover the lost opportunities and revenue. Email remarketing is easy with our single, integrated digital marketing platform. We've helped our retailing clients recover millions of dollars, and we can help you, too.
  • Our Ratings and Reviews Solution automatically incorporates the best reviews into email campaigns, including shopping cart abandonment and product-specific campaigns. While seamlessly integrating with Magento's Rating & Reviews module, this user generated content is proven to influence decisions at the right point in the sales cycle.


  • Listrak's retail email marketing solutions are designed to engage customers and drive sales across channels through our single, integrated digital marketing platform. All solutions are powered by our exclusive merchandising cloud, which harnesses 360° customer insights and data from every touchpoint, allowing you to create automated, personal, one-to-one communications.
  • Listrak's mobile marketing solutions enhance customer value by providing engaging messages that are equally effective on desktop, tablet or smartphone. This, in turn, boosts engagement, conversions and your bottom line. All of this can be done from our single, integrated digital marketing platform.
  • Your customers interact online. Retailers know they have to be part of the conversation in communities like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but have struggled to figure out how those social interactions impact revenue, because social networks have not been a strong sales channel. However, when combined with email - the undisputed highest performing marketing channel - social campaigns not only increase engagement and reach, but revenue as well. Listrak's single, integrated digital marketing platform includes a number of tested, strategic social applications.
  • True customer engagement and loyalty come from presenting a consistent brand message and shopping experience across multiple channels. Listrak's merchandising cloud gathers shopper data online in real-time, including preferences and purchase history, that you can use to inform future campaigns, increasing the effectiveness of your cross-channel marketing. With Listrak's single, integrated digital marketing platform, you can create truly personal, one-to-one marketing campaigns at every customer touchpoint that have an immediate impact on engagement, revenue and ROI.
  • Your customers don't just shop in one channel, and now your data doesn't have to exist in one, either. Listrak's single, integrated digital marketing platform is powered by our exclusive merchandising cloud. This allows you to collect customer data and insights at every touchpoint. You can use the data in your omnichannel campaigns to create the most personal and consistent shopping experiences, increasing engagement, revenue and loyalty.
Chris Fenwick, eCommerce Manager for Ten Thousand Villages who uses the Magento platform, discusses her partnership with Listrak.
At Listrak we build relationships - relationships between Listrak and our retail clients, but more importantly, between retailers and their customers. Our co...